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About company

Motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, and snowmobiles offered by IRBIS USA appeal to the medium price segment and are designed for a wide group of consumers. All our vehicles are being sold under the brands Irbis and Dingo. Since 2014, all models offered in the market have undergone a number of changes towards improvement of quality and design. Irbis and Dingo brand vehicles feature as standard equipment, components such as:

• High durability, reliability, and excellent dynamic performance of proven four-stroke engines on most models

• Off road package. High performing dual rear shocks and telescopic front forks are standard equipment on all models. Equipment may vary from model to model

• Durable, lightweight, increased diameter light alloy wheels and off-road tires are standard on all Irbis motorcycles except the models, where design provides for the use of spoke wheels

• Vehicles feature bright, high quality colors and stylish mufflers. A full clothing and accessory line is available all designed to let Irbis and Dingo owners stand out of the crowd

• Dual alarm system and remote start are available on all base models of ATVs

IRBIS USA, while designing its products takes into account not only new fashion and technology trends. A great number of technical, operational and plant-manufacturer improvements have been made based on the recommendations and suggestions of our consumers. In other words, the policy of the management of the company is to hear the voice of each and every customer in trying to improve the quality of our products and services..

The company is equally committed to consider the recommendations and feedback received through the network of dealers and distributors as well as through the company's Intranet portal and Internet forums. Irbis has taken into consideration many suggestions concerning the quality of the equipment as well as packaging. For instance, based on those recommendations all Utility Series Irbis ATVs are now available with a trunk and equipped with snow chains. Motorcycles are equipped with higher capacity (7Ah) battery that is an absolute advantage comparing to the standard battery of 4Ah.

The goals of IRBIS USA are consistent improvement of our products and ensuring availability of spare parts and accessories in the market focusing on needs of dealers and consumers.

In addition to the evolution of the traditional range of motorcycles, the product development strategy also includes the introduction of completely new models in all categories, off-road motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs.